Islam & Terrorism

For many years, the "Answering Islam" project has mainly been concerned with "theological aspects" in the encounter between Christians and Muslims. Our purpose was to provide both parties the best possible understanding of the relevant arguments and questions to evaluate the truth claims of Christianity and Islam.

Islam, however, is essentially a political ideology. The attacks of September 11, 2001 have forced us to pay more attention to the policital aspects of Islam and its justification to use force and even terrorism to achieve its goals. This section is very new, still far from comprehensive, and certainly not "politically correct", but we make every effort to be truthful, and documented facts will speak for themselves.

Some initial, some later responses from Christians to the horrific terrorist attack in the USA

Answering Islam supports this initiative: Adopt a Terrorist for Prayer

Understanding the sources of Islamic Terrorism

Where are the moderate Muslims? What are they doing?

Doesn't the Bible have just as many violent passages as the Qur'an?

How can this world find peace?

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