Exposing Cults and Answering to non-Christian Religions

My main objective with this web page is to offer resources for Christians who need answers to the questions they get from non-Christians, i.e. providing apologetic material.

In regard to the "Answering Islam" page, it is mainly designed for Muslims, so that they may see the reasons for believing in Jesus as the Bible reveals him and find that the common charges that Christianity is "a corruption" or "illogical" is not true, but hopefully Christians can learn from the site as well.

  • Answering Islam

  • Hinduism - A Christian Perspective
  • Response to Hindu attack on Christ

  • Buddhism

    Christian pages on the Baha'i

  • Baha'i-Christian Dialogue
  • The Religion of Baha'i
  • Are Baha'is Christian?
  • Apologetics Index entry on the Baha'i
  • Let Us Reason ministries: Baha'i
  • Baha'is on the Divinity of Jesus

    Book recommendations (sadly both are out of print, consult libraries):
      William McElwee Miller
        * What Is the Baha'I Faith? 
        * The Baha'I Faith: Its History and Teachings

    Links to sites pertaining to cults (Note: Not all the sites are written from a Christian perspective):

    On Jehovahs Witnesses

  • anti-Watchtower cult sites
  • TowerWatch
  • Information on Jehovah's Witnesses
  • Beyond Jehovah's Witnesses
  • All Along the Watchtower
  • Watch the Tower
  • Comments from the Friends resources on the JWs (David Reed)
  • Answers to Jehovah's Witnesses
  • Jesus' Witnesses
  • The JW FAQ
  • Free Minds -- On the Jehovah's Witnesses and other authoritarian religions.
  • Info on the JWs
  • And another apostate
  • Another apostate
  • Exetazo
  • MacGregor Ministries
  • Christian Freedom

  • Reformed JW's is an interesting page, but to be read with caution.
  • More reformers: New Light On Blood

    On Mormons

  • Word for the Weary
  • Clint's Mormon (LDS) Research Page
  • Mormons in Transition
  • Mormonism
  • Mormonism Research Ministry Home Page
  • The Watchman Expositor
  • Trust the Truth Association
  • Frank R. Zindler: Mormonism: How Do You Lose a Steel Mill?
  • Why I Left Mormonism - the Mormon Church
  • Mormons Need Hope by an ex-Mormon
  • The Christian Resource Network
  • The Mormons - a mockers page (not Christian)
  • Mormon - LDS and other Thought Provoking Links a secular anti-Mormon page
  • Mormonism
  • Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

  • Free Masonry
  • Freemasonry

  • No Way Out about "The Way International"
  • More on "The Way International": [1]

  • REVEAL is an organization of former members of the International Churches of Christ and its predecessor organizations (the Boston Church of Christ/Boston Movement, the Crossroads Church of Christ/Crossroads Movement, Campus Advance, and "Multiplying Ministries").
  • The Boston Church

    The movements listed below do not fall into the same category as the cults. Nevertheless, I have strong reservations about some of the teachings and practices of these groups. Even though there are many true brothers and sisters in those movements, there are valid questions regarding some of these movements and I hope people will take them seriously. I myself have been involved for an intensive nine months in the Local Church movement of Witness Lee. I had been a Christian before this time and had grown up in a solid Christian home. That made it much easier to see some of the problems and come out and go back to what I knew. I could see how much harder it was for those who became believers through the missions of this church. I know from experience, how easy it is to get sucked into something that looks so good at first and one might not see the dangers of its one-sidedness for a long time. To this day I hold the opinion that most of the members in this Church are genuine believers but some of their teachings are very off balance with the Word of God.

  • Light of Truth Ministries (About Witness Lee & The Local Church)

    Seventh Day Adventists are among themselves rather diverse and I have heard that they seem to move very close to evangelical Christianity in many areas. I am not very knowledgable about them. But these sites explore the teachings of the founder, but I am not sure how influential those still are in this church to this day:

  • The Ellen G. White Website: Prophet or Plagiarist?
  • Ellen G. White's Teachings Compared with the Bible
  • The Cultic Doctrine

    I have lots of questions about the "The Toronto Blessing, Pensacola, ..." but others are already dealing with it, so here just some links to them: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9]

    The "Faith" Movement may be Prospering but is it HEALTHY?


  • Apologetics Web Sites
  • CMR Apologetics Index
  • The Watchman Fellowship
  • Cult Research and Christian Apologetics
  • Inner City Christian Discernment Ministry
  • The Cults
  • Mandate Ministries
  • Your Online Guide to the Major Cults
  • Gospel Outreach Ministries
  • Cult Awareness & Information Centre - Australia
  • Twisted Scriptures
  • Spiritual Abuse
  • Tons of links on Scientology at Jim Lippard's Sceptical Information page
  • The Truth About $cientology
  • Scientology
  • Perry's Scientology Page
  • AFF Cult Group Information

  • New Age and the Jewish People