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"The Christian Missionary's Thinking Questions for the Muslim"

On Muslim sites or regular postings to newsgroups we find Gary Miller's article "The Christian Missionary's Thinking Questions for the Muslim" ([1], [2], [3]).

Aahh, these ignorant "missionaries". But how can it be other wise, these kind of missionaries live mainly in the imagination of Muslims. He surely doesn't know much about the Bible. The Bible is absolutely clear that there is nobody who is sinless. We all have sinned. Some sins are greater than others [especially the sin of others is always looking so much worse than my own] and Jesus makes clear that God with his great love for the lost, goes and seeks them and brings them back.

If indeed a repentant sinner can be welcomed back the rejoicing will be great. But nowhere it says that therefore go out and sin so that you can come back and the rejoicing will be increased.

This seems to be what you try to imply. No, the context of this passage is to prevent sinning, but if somebody has sinned, then do NOT condemn him and look down on him, but seek out your brother and seek to restore him and know that this will cause great joy in heaven. But there is no suggestion that the repentent sinner is better than the one who didn't sin. This is most perverse twisting of Scripture. But since everyone is a sinner, the one who has not currently sinned cannot look down on the brother who has. God's love and grace is there for both.

And the whole point is not that one prophet is better than the other. We are not to compare and to judge them. The point is that Muhammad was part of sinful mankind as everybody else, while Jesus was the one and only person who ever lived sinless. That doesn't make him "better" that makes him unique and incomparable.

Maybe the Muslim should start thinking again?

No, it does not. And nobody ever said so. It is the tactics of straw man arguments again.

But the question is not about "a Messiah" but about the identity of "THE Messiah". There are many books. The Qur'an is just one book. So, therefore the Qur'an is nothing special. Right?

Well, a Muslim would say that the Qur'an is not just "A book" but "THE book". And it is not the quality of being a book that makes it special, but its divine origin that makes this book THE book. Being a book doesn't make it divine, but being divine makes it THE book. And it is the same for Messiah.

Apart from the fact that Gary Miller seemingly has no clue about what the Biblical meaning of THE Messiah is. Even in the Old Testament long before Jesus came to this earth. Maybe there will be an article about the meaning of "Messiah" some time in the future. For now, let us go on to the next piece of the "argument".

Note: The future has come and here you may learn about THE Messiah.

Any true Christian will dare say even much more than that. In contrast to this fake, make-believe, whimpy, Muslim-invented straw-man-missionary created for the sole purpose of ridiculing him. Well, talk to real Christians. They are around, no need to invent any, ... that is: If you dare.


[Well, that would not be what I would mean should I ever say such a thing. But actually:]


[since it is the set up straw man thinking and he surely thinks exactly as he is supposed to.] :)

Being dead and buried is not a proof for or against being a prophet. Being taken up by God is more like it [Elija and Enoch and Jesus], since this is one of the signs that God has given for those who want to believe. And a sign that is pretty hard to fake. :)

Yet, the whole point is not Jesus' ascension but his resurrection. This is God's unique authentication of Jesus and his message. God has set his public stamp of approval on Jesus. He is true prophet and his message is true.

The problem is not that Muhammad has died. The problem is that Muhammad has little evidence to show for his claim to be a messenger. Whether resurrection, ascension, clear miracles or otherwise.

It definitely is time now to start ... Thinking Again!

P.S. Moses was not taken up by God. The Bible says God buried him.

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