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First a positive comment: If I remember right, Syed Yusuf has been the first and for quite a while the only Muslim site linking to me.

In his section on "Islam and comparative religion" he presents some really strange arguments. Here a guide to find responses to some of them.

On Syed Yusuf's site Christian Response
How the Dead Sea Scrolls confirm the Qur'an that Jesus (PBUH) didn't die.
Two part response in The Dead Sea Scrolls contradict the Qur'an and The Dead Sea Scrolls and Christianity
More linked articles by Al-Kadhi:
Humanity's corruption of the Torah
At least 73 contradictions in the Bible
Pagan elements in Christianity ...
These articles were earlier versions of the book "What did Jesus Really Say?"

Our Rebuttal
An article by Syed Yusuf himself A response
How much of Buddism's sayings were falsely grafted into the gospels? - migrated to this page Answer to Doane's book and more on
Pagan elements in Christianity?

Sometimes it is hard to comprehend how Muslims can produce such bold faced lies:

On this page about "Unitarian Christians" it is claimed that Tertullian was a Unitarian:

Tertullian (160-220 A.D.)

Tertullian belonged to the African Church. He was a native of Carthage. He believed in the Unity of God and identified Jesus with the Jewish Messiah. He opposed Pope Callistus for teaching that capital sin was forgiven after doing canonical penance. He stressed the unity of the heart with existence. He wrote: "Common people think of Christ as a man." It was he who introduced the term "trinitas" into Latin ecclesiastical writings when discussing this strange new doctrine. The term trinity is not once used in the inspired Scriptures.

It will be difficult to find a more ridiculous claim. Tertullian is the first to write a long treatise on the Trinity to defend it against the monarchianist heresy. Proof? Easy: Read his book Against Praxeas (End of Part Two)

The rest of this chapter out of MuHammad 'Ata Ur-Rahim's book is about the same quality. I just didn't have the time to dig out the particular quotes and reference them to the library of the church fathers. But these articles should be a good starting point for rebuttal. (Volunteers welcome!)

Syed Yusuf has to make the comment after my name: "Bad research". Looking in particular at the last page above, on the early church fathers, I wonder what is his definition of good research?

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