Responses to Lamaan Ball

Lamaan Ball's site Investigating Islam is very clever and well done, and that has earned it to be in the top ranks of my list of Islamic pages.

Originally this site was only presenting Islam. Lately, they are adding more and more topics dealing with Christianity. Obviously, this makes the site of greater relevance also to us.

Probably there will be more direct responses to this site as time goes on, but for now, only a link to a question I finally couldn't help but to post it to the discussion board at that site.

Another question I posted, and which didn't ever get an answer was regarding the numerical structure of the Qur'an that he claims. If he doesn't answer, does that mean those numbers didn't come out properly?

[Update: There is now an answer, and I was informed of it 16 months after asking the question (Dec 97 - April 99). Regarding the "365 days" in the Qur'an, see the 365 days discussion on the numerical miracles page.]

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