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Mr. Aftab had received from a friend a copy of the text with the transcribed debate between Ahmad Deedat and Josh McDowell without being aware that it was taken from our site. He put it up on his site, but when he was informed that this was material taken from us he was willing to link to our page instead. This compares very positively to another Muslim who himself took the same file from our site and refuses to remove it.

Furthermore, he links to "Answering Islam" from his links collections at the Islamic Herald, and The Islamic Interlink: Comparative Religions.

With these above links he is certainly a lot more progressive in dialog than the vast majority of Muslim web sites.


Mr. Aftab claims that The following works represent a standing challenge to the intellectual world of Christendom, ever since the Advent of Islam.

This is more than a little exaggeration, since most of these articles have been written within the last 30 years. They certainly were no challenges before they came into existence.

The other issue is that this formulation claims that there are no Christian answers to it, since he claims this to be a "standing" challenge. Since the beginning of 1997, I have asked him several times to also link from this page to the Christian answer to this challenge, not just from some other pages, but from the place where the challenge is issued. So far he has ignored this request.

In particular, he features Ahmed Deedat as one of his prime champions. Why not link to the Ahmed Deedat Rebuttal Site, if he is so superior?

He also advertises What Did Jesus Really Say? which earned him an entry in our linking documentation regarding our rebuttal to this book.

"Why do you need atheists as protectors?" would be an issue to reflect upon for him since he heavily links to the atheist pages at This certainly is not part of the challenge of Islam since those people are enemies to any believer in God.

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