Responses to the Writings, Debates, and Teachings of

Dr. Jamal Badawi

Dr. Jamal Badawi has been one of the most popular Muslim speaker in the West for the last three decades (though he is now eclipsed by Shabir Ally ). Dr. Badawi was a professor of economics/management. Though we are not aware that he has taken any formal training in Islamic or Christian theological studies, his books on Islam and Muslim-Christian issues are quite popular. He is one of the most effective Dawah speakers and has hundreds of lectures and debates on tapes, as well as books and leaflets on various topics.

As time permits, we will provide Christian responses to some of the more important papers and arguments that he regularly uses in his debates. This is a small beginning:

Material by Dr. Badawi Christian Responses
Muhammad in the Bible by Samuel Green
by Sam Shamoun
Jesus In The Qur'an and The Bible by Samuel Green
by Sam Shamoun (I, II, III)
Seven Wonders of The Qur'an by Sam Shamoun
Muhammad - a forger? by Silas
Wife Beating? by Silas
The Status of Women in Islam by Samuel Green
& further thoughts on equality
Gender Equity In Islam by Christian Debater
Badawi's Defense of Muhammad's Multiple Marriages (1) Muhammad's Multiple Marriages
(2) Never Shall He Be Satisfied
Responses to Badawi by Sam Shamoun
( More articles on "Women in Islam" )
  Islam is tolerant of other faiths     The Myth of Islamic Tolerance  
  The Muslim greeting of non-Muslims     The Mistreatment and Degradation of the People of the Book  
  A million dollars for "Holy War"     [Part 1], [Part 2] by Robert Spencer,
The Quran, Holy War, & Badawi by Sam Shamoun  
  Badawian Misinformation and Misquotations     [Part 1], [Part 2], [Part 3], [Part 4]
  [Part 5], [Part 6] by Sam Shamoun  
  Eusebius and the Trinitarian Baptismal Formula
  Exposing Jamal Badawi's Desperate Tirade Against the Trinity 
Badawi's misinterpretation of Thomas' confession:
"My Lord and my God" = "my godly Lord"?
  Jesus as Thomas' God  
Only foreknown instead of preexistent?   Jesus as Preexistent Son of God  
    Badawi and Shirk  
    Badawi on Christians and Mushriks  
Badawi on atonement by substitutionary sacrifice   Islam’s Doctrine of Substitutionary Atonement  
"Radio Al-Islam" teaching series by Andrew Vargo

Debate videos

Dr. Jamal Badawi vs. Dr. Robert Morey: Is the "Allah" of the Qur'an the one true and universal God? and Is the Qur'an the word of God?

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