From Edip Yuksel
Newsgroups: soc.religion.islam
Subject: 365 DAYS in the Quran
Date: Tue Jan 28 09:29:36 EST 1997
Organization: Bismillahirrahmanirrahim
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Dear Katz,

The document "On the 365 Days Hoax" on your web site is incomplete and 
deceptive. In the end of the argument it became clear that the frequency 
of the word YaWM (day) in singular form in the Quran is exactly 365. 

I expect you to download the entire argument to your web page or make a 
link to our web page:


Edip Yuksel

Dear **MR.** Yuksel,

thank you so much for pointing out in such gracious a manner this 
oversight of mine. It is my great pleasure to respond positively 
to such a kind and unusually polite request. As you can see, I 
have included this link exactly as you requested. Given that this 
is a 128 KB file, I prefer the link over the download option. :->

Did I understand correctly that you will without question include 
a link to my site as well, since your arguments about Christianity 
certainly are incomplete and might be misunderstood as being  
deceptive when not giving the Christians a chance to reply? For 
example in your article on "19 questions to Christian scholars"
at in the chapter on the Trinity,
you have the wonderful opportunity to link to my presentation of 
the Trinity to be found at . 

I appreciate your spirit of fairness and open dialog. 

Warmest regards,

Jochen Katz

P.S. (1) Given that you have read my name in hundreds of postings and have 
it even first written correctly on your page, I would appreciate it if 
you would change my name from "John" to "Jochen" further down in your 
above mentioned page as well.

P.S. (2) I am wondering how you can insist so vigorously that the miraculous
Qur'an has decided that a year has to consist of 365 days by making 365 
mentioning of "day" [in singular, without suffix, ...] in the Qur'anic
text, but then you continue to count a year to be completed after 354 days 
according to the Islamic lunar calendar. It strikes me as not entirely 
inconsistent.  The same argument goes for the 30 forms of "days" [plural, 
dual forms] which you interpret to be the average length of a month, but 
in fact the Islamic calender has months that are usually 29 days long. 
Shouldn't your obedience to these revelations imply that you abandon the
Islamic calendar as anti-Qur'anic? 

P.S: Mr. Yuksel's site is

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