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Actually, almost every single religious book has been claimed to have some numerical properties/magic/whatever by its followers. I have seen examples for the Quran, the bible and the Ramayana (a book revered in hinduism). Most people do not realize that any book which has been written in some structured manner (especially, if they use repetitive phrases/words and poetical style) will eventually exhibit some form of numerical patterns (and the proponents will never tell you that there are several verses/paras/sections which violate those numerical patterns). Any person with a mathematical keeness can juggle around with the paragraphs or sections of any text and find some form of numerical relationships common to a large part of the text.

Numerical patterns in holy books have been used by religionists
as proof to convince people of a book's divine status and mysticism.

Infact, I just found a numerical magic in the above paragraph. There are 22 words and 2 lines. 22/2 = 11. Also, there are 110 letters in above para (not counting spaces). And 110/11 = 10. And hence this proves that 10 is a magic number which is why god has been kind enough to give us exactly 10 fingers ... blah blah ... hope you get my drift ...

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