Hi TCoders:

Hannah recommended:

   From this I would suggest that the OBJ researchers add to their 
   experiment, a test to find whether the 'famous rabbis' 
   (individually and/or as a list) does or doesn't appear anywhere 
   else - in Torah or in common texts. Same for the specific examples 

   According to Mechanic, the value of a code goes down the more 
   often you can find it, esp. in irrelevant places.

I decided to test Hannah's suggestion on one of the famous rabbi 
names on list 2 of the SS article--Rabbi David [RBYDWD]. First one 
must notice that that is not a unique name on list 2, but actually 
represents three different famous rabbis. Nevertheless, here are 
the statistics for that name:

Book     Chance expectation     Actual # of ELS's
Genesis              29                        35
Exodus               13                         9
Leviticus             5                         4
Numbers              16                        19
Deuteronomy           9                         5
1 Samuel             26                        16
2 Samuel             22                        30
1 Kings              14                        15
2 Kings              11                        11
1 Chronicles         20                        20
2 Chronicles         15                         6
Isaiah               26                        16
Jeremiah             40                        46
Ezekiel              31                        39

The chance expectation column contains the number of ELS's that are 
expected by mere chance for all possible skip distances. The second 
column contains the actual number of ELS's found for all possible 
skip distances. It doesn't appear that the statistics for Genesis 
and the Torah are any different than those for the other books. 
There is no reason to expect that things would be any different for 
any of the other names of famous rabbis.

James D. Price

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