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Subject: Re: Sura one, "Fateha" and a great miracle.
Date: Fri May 10 12:34:42 EDT 1996

In article <4mvr72$>, writes (in response to (AzharK1557)):

> MATHEMATICAL PROOF OF SALAT  "Over it is nineteen." 74:30
> *** 24434 is a multiple of 19 where 2, 4, 4, 3 & 4 are number of
> rak'aas in the five daily contact prayers (salat).
Why do you take Fajr as the first prayer? There are two other starting
points which have a more sound Islamic basis (assuming that one does
want to indulge in this kind of nonsense).
One is to start with the zuhr prayer because the Quran says:
     "Keep up prayer from the declining of the sun till the darkness
     of the night, and the recital of the Quran at dawn." (17:78)
The sequence of the prayers given here, which begins with "declining
of the sun", is: zuhr, asr, maghrib, isha, and finally fajr.
Thus, using your principle, the number would be 44342.
And 44342/19 is 2333.78 etc., not a multiple of 19.
Another starting point on an Islamic basis would be to take maghrib as
the first prayer, as that is when the Islamic 24-hour day begins. In
that case, the number would be: 34244.
And 34244/19 is 1802.315 etc., not a multiple of 19.
In any case, by what reason can you justify putting the digits
together in a sequence to form another number? Such an operation has
no significance or meaning.
A more valid operation would be to add the number of rakahs together.
And what do we get then? 17. How tantalisingly short of 19. So near
and yet so far!
Well, let's think of a way of getting this to 19. One way I can think
of is that I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the 2 sunna
rakahs of the Fajr prayer are more important to be performed than the
sunna rakahs of other prayers. Let us add these and we get 19!
And how about this, which has just struck me? 17 rakahs a day means 17
times 7 in one week. And that comes to 119. Well, that at least
contains 19. But hold on, what about Friday? That has only 2 rakahs
instead of the 4 of Zuhr. So the number of rakahs a week is 117, not a
multiple of 19 I see. No joy there. Well, we can always find some
combination that will work.
Zahid Aziz.

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