Changing the Future with the Codes


From: Brendan McKay
Subject: The truth about the Rabin assassination.

Having made a thorough investigation of the codes referring
to the assassination of Rabin, I have reached a truly shocking

The letters Drosnin translates as "assassin who will assassinate"
(in order to disguise the truth) don't mean that at all.  Exactly
the same letters say "assassin who will be assassinated".  This
has staggering implications, as it means that the assassin Yigal
Amir was going to be killed himself before completing his deed.
Why wasn't he?  For the same reason that no atomic holocaust
occurred in 1996: Drosnin found the code and exposed it!

Yes folks, Drosnin changed history by finding the code and warning 
Rabin.  Rather than being himself killed first, Yigal Amir killed
the Prime Minister.  He is behind bars where he deserves to be,
but Drosnin should be there too.  I trust that the Israeli police
will now issue a warrant for his arrest.

There is more.  Look at page 76 of Drosnin's book and you will see 
that Netanyahu is closer to "assassin" than Amir is!  Obviously this 
is telling us that Bibi was the force behind the assassination plot.  
Arrest him too!

We have to think hard about the implications of this discovery.
It is clear that the act of finding codes can change history in
tragic ways.  We must demand an immediate UN convention to ban 
all further codes research until we know how to do it safely.

[Thanks to Maya.]

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