Here is a little lesson about probabilities.

At you can find the full text of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, signed 1982.

To make the experiment somewhat Hebrew-like, we will ignore all vowels, and treat upper and lower case letters as the same.

This document (stripped down to its consonants) has some remarkable ELSs. The probabilities I will give are those of finding EVEN ONE example in a text formed by randomly shuffling the letters.

This Convention is primary source of international law relating to oceans and waterways. In fact if you read it you

Many other ELSs of very low probability can be found, but I will content myself with exploring this question: why was this Convention signed? The cynic might say it was just that

but the truth is more mundane. After all, the world fishing industry benefits more than anyone. Yes, this was just a

Brendan McKay,

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