A little numerological fun I created:

2+29+15+6+8 = 60 = 6x10 are the DAYS that my family members 
are born. Given that 10 a number of "fullness", what can we 

5+1+2+6+6 = 20 = 2x10 are the numbers of the MONTHS of our birthdays, 
another multiple of 10 and a structure appears to emerge.

When we then add the numbers of letters in our names we come up 
with 60 = 6x10 letters and get utterly amazed. God really must have
had his hand in both our birthdays and our names. This is already
a chance of only 1:1000 that these could all be multiples of 10.

Well after days and months, we for sure should also consider the
years of our birthdays and find that:

Adding up all of our years of birth their sum is 7873 and 7+8+7+3 = 
25 and 2x5 = 10 !!!

I think I will tell my parents next time I call what an amazing 
family we are. :)  My father's reaction might well be: Can't you
do something more useful with your time? But as long as it is just
"privately amazing and amusing" it is fine. Should I derive any
public claims from it.... I am not sure many would follow that.

Hey, and that is what I got out by a little meditation in only
20 minutes. I am convinced, should I spend a decade of researching
our numerical family pattern, I could indeed find incredible patterns
throughout all of our lives which guarantee that we indeed are the
most special family on earth. Not that this would be any news to me
but it might be news to others. :)

Well, at least it teaches us to not be individualistic but to work
together since none of us has (m)any "number 10" miracle on his own, 
it is only as a community that we become strong and mighty in miracles.

Hm, actually, we do have a few personal "miracles of the 10" in our 
family also. My father born 8.2. has day plus month = 10 and my first 
and last name togeter have 10 letters, so we see how the miracle in 
a small portion passes from the father to the firstborn... 

:-) The meaning of coincidences.... 

Oh, there is sooo much more. For both my mother and my father it is
true that the day of birth and the year of birth add up to a multiple
of ten which finally and definitely confirms that they just were 
destined for each other by God. Also, the first name of my mother
and our family name together are 10 letters. So my mother just had
to marry my father, because that made the letters in her name to be
exactly ten, while before it was and "ugly 13". Also, as mentioned 
above, my name has 10 letters [inherited from my mother] and my 
month and year of birth add up to a multiple of 10 [inherited from
my parents for whom it is day and year, but in the next generation
that just shifted a bit]. Furthermore, the difference in age between
my mother and myself is exactly 20 = 2x10 years. Divinely appointed.

My sister is the second child, and her name has five letters, and
you guessed it: 2x5 = 10.

I am just in awe.

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