In article <4nsqaj$>, Hesham Bazaraa  writes:
AsSalamu Alaykum Wa RahmatUllahi WaBarakatuh,

After they were confronted with some challenges regarding the 
verses 9:128,9:129 the Khalifites have mostly 'shirked' the topic.

Some basic facts stumped them, like:

      1. 91289129 = 19*4804691 

      2. 9:128,9:129 = 114 letters as in Suras of the Quran(19*6)

      3. 9:128,9:129 = 60+54 letters, difference is 6, which is 6*19 = 114

      4. 9:128,9:129, 76th letter(19*4) is the Alif Of Allah(SWT)

      5. 9:128,9:129, 19th word is Allah

      6. 9th sura + Last to 9th sura (sum of verses) = 129+4 = 133 = 19*7
          [Contrib. by Br. Brendan]

      7. They denied due honor to our Beloved Prophet(S) yet Allah(SWT)
          exalted him in 68:4(684=19*6*6).
          Translation: "And you[O Muhammad] are of exalted character."

      8. They belied Hadith yet use it at leisure to argue some of
          their points.

      9. They denied the Consensus of Scholars, yet interpret Quran
          according to their inclinations and call all other Muslims
          Idolators, for affirming that our Prophet(S) is Allah's Messenger.

     10. Thus thought they say that there is no mercy in Islam as the 
          majority know it, they are in effect believing that all who say 
          the Shahada[as Muslims say it] will go to Hell, Forever!

Recently a Khalifite claimed that 9:128,9:129 has 112 letters because
it was pointed out that some people do not count the Hamza. However he
quickly forgot that RK counted the Hamza as a letter e.g. 19 letters
in 110:1. [The Hamza acts as a letter and takes its own short vowel].
Without the Hamza the principle they cited that the Quran is preserved
to the letter with the 19 code would not be sound. Ma[No(without a Hamza)]
in Arabic would be like Ma'[Water(with a Hamza)].
Will he now deny the RK "miracle" or the "false-verses" claim.

Another claimed that B. Phillips can not be trusted to count the Quran 
because he could not count the Basmala. Yet it was shown that RK
could not count 9:128,9:129, even after writing exhaustively on them.
Can he be trusted to change our Beliefs, let alone with counting the Quran.

Who started this movement; RK. He claimed to be an honorable prophet,
whom Gabriel(S) told that 36:3["Trans."You are indeed from the Messengers"]
was refering to him and not our Beloved Prophet(S)[Never!]. He removed
9:128,9:129, from the Quran and half the Shahada because 
he said they honored Allah's(S) Beloved Prophet(S) too much[Never!].

His mathematical proofs  for his claims are entirely ludicrous and mostly
would take a lifetime to confirm. AlHamduLillah we can all see that his
simplest proof[evidence 71,in "false" verses note] is False, so why spend 
a lifetime proving anything else.

Regardless of the numerical wonders in the Quran, and I'm sure there
are infinite numbers of them, the absurd claims of the RK group
are rejected, and the Miraculous Quran remains untouched by their

May Allah(SWT) fill our hearts with His love and the love of His
Messenger(S) and the love of his followers, the upholders of the Sunna.
May Allah(SWT) guide us to the way of AhlusSunna WalJama'a.
May He forgive our sins and hide them.

Allahumma Salli Ala Sayyidina Muhammad Wa Ala Alihi Wa Sallam.


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