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Critiquing Drosnin's "codes".
by Lori Eldridge
Owner of the Tcode mailing list

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Drosnin's "Assassin will assasinate" code:

If you will look at Drosnin's code sample on page 28 of his book you will
see that the words that coincide with the 2nd letter of Yitzak's name
supposedly print out "assassin will assassinate". This code occurs at a
skip of 1 which is not a valid code unless it takes a word(s) and makes
completely new words out of the letters. For instance taking a few letters
from one word and a few letters from the next word and making a new word
can constitute a code. What drosnin actually found was words in the surface
text (Deuteronomy 4:42) that states in the Hebrew "the slayer who

I asked Dr. Price, a Hebrew Professor, about these words and he said:

          - - - -

The words say either
(1) the slayer who slays [his neighbor]
(2) the murderer who murders [his neighbor].

The first word is a participle  used as a noun, so it must be translated
"slayer/murderer"; the third word is a verb in the active voice, subjunctive
mood; so it should not be translated as a passive ("be slain/murdered").
Either (1) or (2) is possible, but the context prefers (1) because in the
hypothetical case, the person who had killed his neighbor had not as
yet been investigated by the judge to determine whether he was guilty
of murder or of accidental manslaughter. The English versions rearrange
the word order to improve clarity. The NKJV reads:

"that the manslayer might flee there, who kills his neighbor
unintentionally, without having hated him in time past,
and that by fleeing to one of these cities he might live."

         - - -

 Drosnin took these three words and changed them as follows:

 "Slayer" (#7523 verb participle used as a noun)-- to Assasin. This is not
accurate because the text is speaking about an accidental slaying and
Drosnin is looking for a word speaking of deliberate murder, i.e.,

"who" (#834) to "will".  #834 is a relative pronoun usually translated as:
who, which, that, so that, etc.,  In this instance it is translated as
"who".  Also the word "will" is usually part of the verb and not separate
from it.

"slays" (#7523 verb) to "assasinated". (see above about assasinated not
being accurate)

Therefore Drosnin did not find new words as he has led us to believe. He
just distorted the interpretaion of the words already there. And being as
his interpretation is not accurate and these words are already on the
surface text they are also not a valid code.

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Drosnin's "Clinton & President" on Pg 32:

On page 32 Drosnin claims he has found the name of "Clinton" and
"President" connected. However after doing some checking I found the

The word Clinton is a phonetic spelling and spans from the book of Gen 24:8
to the book of Numbers 26:24 --in other words it has a skip of 33,720 for
just one letter. This is also the largest skip of 4 occurrances for this
word in the Torah. Next to where the name Clinton is found, in the surface
text, you will find the word nasi' in Num 7:2  which means prince, ruler,
chief or in modern Hebrew president. However, this second word is not even
a code because it means Prince, ruler, chief in the surface text. Even if
we accept this as a valid code you have to include the *vav* of Clinton and
then it takes on an "and"  therefore we have, "Clinton" "and a president".

 I wonder who the president is???

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Drosnin's "Watergate" and "Who is He? President, but he was kicked out":

On page 33 we have what Drosnin claims is a code displaying the words
"Watergate" and "Who is He? President, but he was kicked out".

"Watergate" is found at a skip of 30,304 for just one letter and spans the
Bible from Gen 28:21 to Num 1:34. However this word does not coincide with
any Hebrew spelling of either the word "Water" or "Gate" in either a modern
nor a biblical hebrew dictionary. Instead it is phonetically spelled out.

The other string of words found at a skip of 1 are as follows:

(mem hey) #4100 *mah* and means "What?, How? Why? When? I didn't see any
mention of "who" in my Heb lexicon for this spelling.

(vav-- nun shin yod aleph) #5387, *nasiy'* This is the same word as
mentioned above "and a prince/ruler/chief/president". With a vav on the
front it serves as a conjunction and could mean "and president" or "but
president", etc.

(bet yod tav) #1004 *Beth* and means "a house"

(aleph, bet lamed) # 58 *'abel* and means "grass" or a "meadow'.

(gimel resh shin) # 1644 *garash* and means "to expel". 3rd person singular
would make this "he expelled". This verb would need a "nun" on the front of
it for it to be transformed into "he was expelled"--which it doesn't have.

Therefore we have: "What? And a president of a grass house he expelled."

Did president Nixon live in a sod hut? And who was the "he" that expelled
him out of this sod hut?

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Drosnin's prediction of a World war from 2000-2006 on pg 124:

His Armageddon code is found In Deut. 11:14-15 where he says, "The two
years are encoded in the same verses of the Bible. They overlap each other.
'In 5766' is simply 'in 5760' with one more letter added, spelling out the later

In other words this code says,   "in 5760-6".  It seems to me that if God
was going to encode a message about a world war he wouldn't use an
abbreviation but would spell it out clearly instead of giving us an
ambiguous date. This makes it sound like God's omnicience is waning. This
means that even if the World war doesn't occur on 5760 he will still be
able to sell his book for another 6 years.

He also said on page 126, " 'World War'--the ONLY time it is encoded in the
ENTIRE bible--appears in the same place [as the years], and crosses one of
the sacred verses." (emphasis mine).

This word has a skip of 2839, btw. I used his spelling for "World War" and
after only searching 2 other books beyond the Torah I found it in the book
of Jeremiah.

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Drosnin's "Delayed" codes:

I checked with some Hebrew experts on the Tcode mailing list and the word
that Drosnin used for "delayed", in its root form (shin heh heh) can be
found over 6,000,000 (6 million) times in the Torah.

Also the word he used for holocaust (shin-aleph-he), which is missing a vav
and is very controversial, can be found 18,984,680 times in the Torah.

In other words, Drosnin sould be able to come up with either of these words
in just about every verse of the Torah.


Why didn't he find the word "delayed" next to "ALL" his prophecies?

The encoder (who ever Drosnin thinks he is) must have known of the correct
date before he ever encoded these "prophecies". So why didn't this encoder
give the "real" date instead of just saying "delayed"? ??

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I am not a hebrew scholar so if you see any errors in the above
please let me know so they can be corrected.
Lori Eldridge

God Bless,

"On that day the Lord made a covenant with Abram,
saying, "To your descendants I have given this land,
 from the river of Egypt as far as the great river, the
river Euphrates" (Genesis 15.18)

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