There are several groups of Jews, Christians and Muslims who hold the view that different kinds of numerical miracles support the divine inspiration of their respective scriptures. I personally am very sceptical of this whole approach and think that most of what is done in this area is faulty. But since I have not personally checked out all of this I cannot say so with certainty for all of them. This page is created in order to just list what has been brought to my attention and make it accessible for those who are interested in persuing this topic.

Disclaimer: Most of the displayed articles do NOT reflect my opinion, nor is this an endorsement of some other materials you might find on the web pages I am linking to. In fact, many of the (Christian or non-Christian) web sites with such materials also have several other strange teachings or at least strange points of emphasis.

This information is not to attack Bible or Qur'an, nor to disprove the divine authorship of any of them. It is just collected to show that this method is employed by people of different religions, which apart from some mathematical deceptions in them should show that it can be used to promote Qur'an AND Bible. And since this sort of numerology does "authenticate" two books contradicting each other, something has to be wrong with this method which should be clear even to those who might not be able to follow all the mathematical arguments.

My reasons for rejecting the divine authorship of the Qur'an have nothing to do with this failure of numerology. My critique of the Qur'an is based on other problems and is spelled out in many parts of the web site Answering Islam.

The "Sefer Yetsirah" (The book of creation) is a commentary on the Book of Genesis. It is not part of the Bible (books accepted as God's revelation by Jews or Christians). But this short treatise is devoted to the theme that numbers are the "primaeval stuff" from which God created the universe. And many religious groups today follow in its footsteps. If you look at some of the material on this site, you will definitely see the miracle of the human ability in "finding" patterns, i.e. the miracle of creativity and imagination. Maybe there is more, but this is definitely established.

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