From: Maloy, James D
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 15:14:13 

I've been following the "Bible Codes" and related claims for a few
months now.  I'm glad to know that there are level headed people out
there who are willing to debunk this nonsense.  (For reference, I am a
protestant Christian who believes in the divine inspiration of the
Bible.  But I view the attempts to somehow "prove" the Bible's
inspiration as foolish, misguided, and evidence of a weak faith.)

I've noticed for some time now the numerous conservative Christians who
believe that the US has been specially blessed by God, and/or has some
special role to fulfill in God's plans.  So, I decided to do my own
search for "miraculous" properties in a uniquely American document:  The
Declaration of Independence.  The results are included in the attached
.TXT file.

In case it's not already clear, I typed this up strictly as satire (even
though the "miraculous" findings are all true).  If you choose to put it
on your web page, please make it clear somewhere that it was indeed done
as a joke.



Many patriotic Christians feel in their hearts that the United States of
America holds some special place in God's Plan.  The amazing success of our
experiment in democracy, the wealth with which we've been blessed, certainly
seem to affirm this.

But now, a careful analysis of one of our founding documents has revealed
some truly AMAZING prophecies of future events embedded in its very
structure!!  Could this be UNDENIABLE, SCIENTIFIC PROOF that our Founding
Fathers were guided by a Higher Power???

I'll put forth the evidence and let YOU decide.


The DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE is regarded as our first, greatest founding
document.  Authored by Thomas Jefferson, it was modified in part by the
Continental Congress and finally made public on July 4, 1776.  From that
day forward, the Fourth of July has been recognized as a national holiday.
Even the urgent business of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 was
put on hold so that this turning point in American history could be given
the honor it is due.

At the time the Declaration was signed, the United States had a long,
difficult road ahead of it.  The Revolutionary War, begun a year earlier,
would not be won until 1783.  We would not have a stable national government
until the Constitution was created in 1787, and ratified in 1789.  Early in
the next century, America would have to defend itself a second time against
a new British invasion, in the War of 1812.  In 1776, our Founding Fathers
could not possibly have known what lay ahead, or how it would all come out.
Or could they???

A careful study of the final, approved version of the Declaration reveals
some truly AMAZING prophecies about future events, encoded in a manner that
could not CONCEIVABLY have occurred by human design!!!  Note that the
addition or removal of EVEN ONE LETTER FROM ONE WORD would cause many of
these predictions to disappear entirely!!!


Numerous mathematicians and computer scientists have pointed to the long
list of mathematical "coincidences" in the original-language manuscripts of
the Bible.  The number 7, which is used repeatedly in reference to Heavenly
things, is miraculously encoded in the very structure of the Bible -- a
series of books that was written by dozens of authors over the course of
centuries!!!  This is presented as PROOF POSITIVE that God authored every
single word Himself.  Could it be possible that God also guided the hands of
our Founding Fathers as they forged a new nation???

Every patriotic citizen has heard of the "Spirit of '76."  Most people
associate it with the well-known patriotic painting of a soldier, piper and
drummer marching along a road.  But could there be more to it than that?  Is
there a very real significance to the number 76, that is intricately tied to
the destiny of America???

The experts who analyzed the Bible used the original Hebrew and Greek texts,
which have no punctuation or other divisions between words and sentences.
If we take the text of the final, approved version of the Declaration,
remove all of the punctuation marks, and organize it into lines of 76
characters each, it looks like this:


01 TheDeclarationofIndependenceINCONGRESSJuly41776TheunanimousDeclarationofthet
02 hirteenunitedStatesofAmericaWhenintheCourseofhumaneventsitbecomesnecessaryfo
03 ronepeopletodissolvethepoliticalbandswhichhaveconnectedthemwithanotherandtoa
04 ssumeamongthepowersoftheearththeseparateandequalstationtowhichtheLawsofNatur
05 eandofNaturesGodentitlethemadecentrespecttotheopinionsofmankindrequiresthatt
06 heyshoulddeclarethecauseswhichimpelthemtotheseparationWeholdthesetruthstobes
07 elfevidentthatallmenarecreatedequalthattheyareendowedbytheirCreatorwithcerta
08 inunalienableRightsthatamongtheseareLifeLibertyandthepursuitofHappinessThatt
09 osecuretheserightsGovernmentsareinstitutedamongMenderivingtheirjustpowersfro
10 mtheconsentofthegovernedThatwheneveranyFormofGovernmentbecomesdestructiveoft
11 heseendsitistheRightofthePeopletoalterortoabolishitandtoinstitutenewGovernme
12 ntlayingitsfoundationonsuchprinciplesandorganizingitspowersinsuchformastothe
13 mshallseemmostlikelytoeffecttheirSafetyandHappinessPrudenceindeedwilldictate
14 thatGovernmentslongestablishedshouldnotbechangedforlightandtransientcausesan
15 daccordinglyallexperiencehathshewnthatmankindaremoredisposedtosufferwhileevi
16 lsaresufferablethantorightthemselvesbyabolishingtheformstowhichtheyareaccust
17 omedButwhenalongtrainofabusesandusurpationspursuinginvariablythesameObjectev
18 incesadesigntoreducethemunderabsoluteDespotismitistheirrightitistheirdutytot
19 hrowoffsuchGovernmentandtoprovidenewGuardsfortheirfuturesecuritySuchhasbeent
20 hepatientsufferanceoftheseColoniesandsuchisnowthenecessitywhichconstrainsthe
21 mtoaltertheirformerSystemsofGovernmentThehistoryofthepresentKingofGreatBrita
22 inisahistoryofrepeatedinjuriesandusurpationsallhavingindirectobjecttheestabl
23 ishmentofanabsoluteTyrannyovertheseStatesToprovethisletFactsbesubmittedtoaca
24 ndidworldHehasrefusedhisAssenttoLawsthemostwholesomeandnecessaryforthepublic
25 goodHehasforbiddenhisGovernorstopassLawsofimmediateandpressingimportanceunle
26 sssuspendedintheiroperationtillhisAssentshouldbeobtainedandwhensosuspendedhe
27 hasutterlyneglectedtoattendtothemHehasrefusedtopassotherLawsfortheaccommodat
28 ionoflargedistrictsofpeopleunlessthosepeoplewouldrelinquishtherightofReprese
29 ntationintheLegislaturearightinestimabletothemandformidabletotyrantsonlyHeha
30 scalledtogetherlegislativebodiesatplacesunusualuncomfortableanddistantfromth
31 edepositoryoftheirpublicRecordsforthesolepurposeoffatiguingthemintocomplianc
32 ewithhismeasuresHehasdissolvedRepresentativeHousesrepeatedlyforopposingwithm
33 anlyfirmnesshisinvasionsontherightsofthepeopleHehasrefusedforalongtimeafters
34 uchdissolutionstocauseotherstobeelectedwherebytheLegislativepowersincapableo
35 fAnnihilationhavereturnedtothePeopleatlargefortheirexercisetheStateremaining
36 inthemeantimeexposedtoallthedangersofinvasionfromwithoutandconvulsionswithin
37 HehasendeavouredtopreventthepopulationoftheseStatesforthatpurposeobstructing
38 theLawsforNaturalizationofForeignersrefusingtopassotherstoencouragetheirmigr
39 ationshitherandraisingtheconditionsofnewAppropriationsofLandsHehasobstructed
40 theAdministrationofJusticebyrefusinghisAssenttoLawsforestablishingJudiciaryp
41 owersHehasmadeJudgesdependentonhisWillaloneforthetenureoftheirofficesandthea
42 mountandpaymentoftheirsalariesHehaserectedamultitudeofNewOfficesandsenthithe
43 rswarmsofOfficerstoharrassourpeopleandeatouttheirsubstanceHehaskeptamongusin
44 timesofpeaceStandingArmieswithouttheConsentofourlegislaturesHehasaffectedtor
45 endertheMilitaryindependentofandsuperiortotheCivilpowerHehascombinedwithothe
46 rstosubjectustoajurisdictionforeigntoourconstitutionandunacknowledgedbyourla
47 wsgivinghisAssenttotheirActsofpretendedLegislationForQuarteringlargebodiesof
48 armedtroopsamongusForprotectingthembyamockTrialfrompunishmentforanyMurderswh
49 ichtheyshouldcommitontheInhabitantsoftheseStatesForcuttingoffourTradewithall
50 partsoftheworldForimposingTaxesonuswithoutourConsentFordeprivingusinmanycase
51 softhebenefitsofTrialbyJuryFortransportingusbeyondSeastobetriedforpretendedo
52 ffencesForabolishingthefreeSystemofEnglishLawsinaneighbouringProvinceestabli
53 shingthereinanArbitrarygovernmentandenlargingitsBoundariessoastorenderitaton
54 ceanexampleandfitinstrumentforintroducingthesameabsoluteruleintotheseColonie
55 sFortakingawayourChartersabolishingourmostvaluableLawsandalteringfundamental
56 lytheFormsofourGovernmentsForsuspendingourownLegislaturesanddeclaringthemsel
57 vesinvestedwithpowertolegislateforusinallcaseswhatsoeverHehasabdicatedGovern
58 mentherebydeclaringusoutofhisProtectionandwagingWaragainstusHehasplunderedou
59 rseasravagedourCoastsburntourtownsanddestroyedthelivesofourpeopleHeisatthist
60 imetransportinglargeArmiesofforeignMercenariestocompleattheworksofdeathdesol
61 ationandtyrannyalreadybegunwithcircumstancesofCruelty&perfidyscarcelyparalle
62 ledinthemostbarbarousagesandtotallyunworthytheHeadofacivilizednationHehascon
63 strainedourfellowCitizenstakenCaptiveonthehighSeastobearArmsagainsttheirCoun
64 trytobecometheexecutionersoftheirfriendsandBrethrenortofallthemselvesbytheir
65 HandsHehasexciteddomesticinsurrectionsamongstusandhasendeavouredtobringonthe
66 inhabitantsofourfrontiersthemercilessIndianSavageswhoseknownruleofwarfareisa
67 nundistinguisheddestructionofallagessexesandconditionsIneverystageoftheseOpp
68 ressionsWehavePetitionedforRedressinthemosthumbletermsOurrepeatedPetitionsha
69 vebeenansweredonlybyrepeatedinjuryAPrincewhosecharacteristhusmarkedbyeveryac
70 twhichmaydefineaTyrantisunfittobetherulerofafreepeopleNorhaveWebeenwantingin
71 attentionstoourBrittishbrethrenWehavewarnedthemfromtimetotimeofattemptsbythe
72 irlegislaturetoextendanunwarrantablejurisdictionoverusWehaveremindedthemofth
73 ecircumstancesofouremigrationandsettlementhereWehaveappealedtotheirnativejus
74 ticeandmagnanimityandwehaveconjuredthembythetiesofourcommonkindredtodisavowt
75 heseusurpationswhichwouldinevitablyinterruptourconnectionsandcorrespondenceT
76 heytoohavebeendeaftothevoiceofjusticeandofconsanguinityWemustthereforeacquie
77 sceinthenecessitywhichdenouncesourSeparationandholdthemasweholdtherestofmank
78 indEnemiesinWarinPeaceFriendsWethereforetheRepresentativesoftheunitedStateso
79 fAmericainGeneralCongressAssembledappealingtotheSupremeJudgeoftheworldforthe
80 rectitudeofourintentionsdointheNameandbyAuthorityofthegoodPeopleoftheseColon
81 iessolemnlypublishanddeclareThattheseUnitedColoniesareandofRightoughttobeFre
82 eandIndependentStatesthattheyareAbsolvedfromallAllegiancetotheBritishCrownan
83 dthatallpoliticalconnectionbetweenthemandtheStateofGreatBritainisandoughttob
84 etotallydissolvedandthatasFreeandIndependentStatestheyhavefullPowertolevyWar
85 concludePeacecontractAlliancesestablishCommerceandtodoallotherActsandThingsw
86 hichIndependentStatesmayofrightdoAndforthesupportofthisDeclarationwithafirmr
87 elianceontheprotectionofdivineProvidencewemutuallypledgetoeachotherourLiveso
88 urFortunesandoursacredHonor

By organizing the Declaration in this manner, with 76 characters on each
line, we get the following basic statistics:

There are 87 complete lines, with an 88th partial line.
There are 27 characters on the partial line.

The total number of characters is thus 87 x 76 + 27 = 6639,
being 6634 letters and 5 numerals.

About the numerals:

The only numerals in the document are 1, 4, 6, and 7.  The "7" appears twice,
yielding (in a manner of speaking) 27, the number of characters on the last
(partial) line.  This encoded "pointer" to the numerals indicates that they
have their own special significance.

The numerals are part of the date "July 4, 1776" and so could be written as:
(July) "fourth, seventeen seventy-six."  These words have 25 letters total,
after you drop out the spaces and punctuation.

Also note that:  4 + 1 + 7 + 7 + 6 = 25.

Also, there are 5 numerals, and 5 x 5 = 25.

This triple-encoding of 25 is too improbable to dismiss as coincidence, so
this must be the message that the numerals are meant to convey.

So we have the following numbers embedded in the very structure and content
of the Declaration of Independence:  76, 87, 25, and 27.  Bear in mind that
in addition to the "87" (number of complete lines) we have an 88th partial

Recurrence of 87/88, 25 & 27 in the timeline of the Constitutional Convention:

The Convention met on 87 business days to generate the body of the document,
with the finalized document being voted and approved on the 88th (partial)
business day.  This is PERFECTLY represented in the 87 complete lines & 88th
partial line in the Declaration.

The Convention began in May, the 5th month ( 7 - 2 = 5 ) and ended in
September, the 9th month ( 2 + 7 = 9 ).  This is PERFECTLY represented
in the digits of 27.

The convention had been planned to start on May 14th ( 2 x 7 = 14 ), but the
minimum representation of 7 states ( 2 + 5 = 7 ) had not been met.  It was not
until May 25th that this number was met, and business was opened.  In fact, by
the 25th, there were 9 states represented ( 2 + 7 = 9 ).  The largest
delegation came from Virginia, with 7 representatives ( 2 + 5 = 7 ).  The
numbers 25 and 27 pervade these historical details that no human could have
predicted in 1776, when the Declaration was written.

The following significant years in US history are predicted by the numbers
76, 87, 25, and 27:

(17)76 + 25 = 1801         Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration, takes
                           office as President of the United States

(17)76 + 27 = 1803         Under Thomas Jefferson's administration, the United
                           States settled the treaty with France for the
                           Louisiana Purchase.  Congressional approval came
                           through in the same year and closed the deal.

(17)76 + 87 = 1863         Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, which opened with
                           the words "Fourscore and seven years ago," in
                           reference to the Declaration

(17)87                     Constitutional Convention establishes our current

(17)87 + 25 = 1812         Start of the War of 1812, the last war fought
                           against Great Britain

(17)87 + 27 = 1814         The bombardment of Fort McHenry inspires Francis
                           Scott Key to write the poem that would become our
                           national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner"

(17)87 + 27 = 1814         Treaty of Ghent signed, ending the War of 1812

The last two items are also represented in the digits of 27:

2 x 7 = (18)14             The bombardment of Fort McHenry inspires Francis
                           Scott Key to write the poem that would become our
                           national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner"

2 x 7 = (18)14             Treaty of Ghent signed, ending the War of 1812

There is even more detail encoded in the digits of 6639 (the total number of
characters in the text of the Declaration):

6 + 6 = 12                 Treaty of Ghent, ending the War of 1812, was signed
3 + 9 = 12                 on December 24, 1814 -- 12th month, 24th day
6 + 6 + 3 + 9 = 24


You will note that most of these predictions revolve around the early years of
the nation, and our relationship with Great Britain.  There is one exception,
the encoded prediction relating to Lincoln's Gettysburg address in 1863.
Perhaps it was Lincoln's reference to the Declaration that made this date
significant.  Or maybe there are more predictions yet to be discovered in
the structure of this truly AMAZING document -- perhaps even predictions
for today!!!

Recall that the four main numbers we were concerned with were 76, 87, 25,
and 27.  Adding these together, we get:  76 + 87 + 25 + 27 = 215.  There
does not seem to be much significance to this until you remember the two
"baseline" years that gave us all the other dates:  1776 and 1787.

Adding 215 to the first baseline, we get:

1776 + 215 = 1991          The year of "The Gulf War," to free Kuwait from
                           the control of Saddam Hussein

A lot of Bible-believing people watched with both fear and hope as America
took part in a major military action in the Middle East.  Biblical prophecy
tells us that we are in the end times, and that an attack on Isreal will
be the start of Armageddon.  The Gulf War ended in a kind of victory, in
that Hussein's forces were ousted from Kuwait.  But Saddam Hussein is still
in power, and even now the threat of a new war in the Middle East looms.
What lays ahead for America and for the world???

Adding 215 to the second baseline, we get:

1787 + 215 = 2002          The year of... ???

Whatever is going to happen in 2002, it is less than four years away!!!
We had better all be ready for it!!!

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