After much heated and mathematically challenging debate, the true miracle finally was birthed:

From shawki Hamdan 
Newsgroups: soc.religion.islam
Subject: Horn Unlocking !
Date: Mon May 20 19:48:10 EDT 1996
Organization: Qul Huwa Allahu Ahad

In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Qur'an 74:30-36

" On it NINTEEN * We have not assigned other than angels to be the 
  guardians of Hell. We have not made their NUMBER except as a test
  for the disbelievers, and so that the people of the book can be 
  certain, and so the believers would increase in faith, and so that
  the people of the book and the believers would harbor no doubts, 
  and so those with sickness in their hearts would say 'What did 
  God mean by this example ? Thus God sends astray whomever He
  wants, and guides whomever he wants. None knows the the soldiers
  of your Lord except He. This is a reminder to the people * I swear
  by the moon * And the night as it passes* And the morning as it 
  shines * This is one of the greatest (signs) * A warning to mankind"

The above verses opened the door for a great discovery in 1974 of the 
mathematical code of "19" in the Holy Qur'an. As this discovery advances, 
people tend to split into various categories concerning it. We find those 
who believe in its existance as a miracle, and those who are skeptic 
either about its existence or its significance. Recently there was a long 
on-going debate between Brendan McKay and Shawki Hamdan with regards to 
this topic. The debate focused on the statistics and probability, rather 
than the numerology part of the code "19" in the Qur'an. As the debate 
progressed, the mathematics got complicated and tiresome for the general 
audience in the newsgroup. In a joint effort to relieve the readers of 
this newsgroup audience, and while gasping for their last breath as a 
result of debate exhaustion Brendan and Shawki have decided to "Agree to 
disagree", and move on with their lives.

[This is a joint post by Brendan McKay & Shawki Hamdan]

Ladies and gentlemen of the newsgroup, salaamun 'alaykum!  After much
debate, much polemic, many an abstruse aside into the outer limits of
appropriate bandwidth, and precious little to show for it all, the
time has at last come to present . . . A REAL MIRACLE!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, in quite MIRACULOUS fashion, we, the
undersigned, Brendan McKay and Shawki Hamdan, have decided to post a
joint message asking your forgiveness for our astronomical antics and
assuring each other and you, the readers, of our mutual respect.

Item 1:  We hereby declare each other defeated.

Item 2:  We hereby refuse to acknowledge Item 1.

Item 3:  We hereby promise henceforth to be nice to each other.

Item 4:  We hereby vow to disagree with each other till Kingdom Come.

Item 5:  We hereby affirm that Item 4 shall not confound Item 3.

Item 6:  We hereby pledge not to let Item 2 abrogate Item 5.

Personal message from Shawki Hamdan:

Brendan, it was fun!  I respect your knowledge of statistics and
appreciate all that you have contributed to this debate.  You have,
in fact, raised a host of great questions that will surely echo far
into the debates of the future, and you've kept me on my toes!
Nevertheless, with all due respect, see Item 4.  Good luck with your
research, and may we fight the next jihad on the same side.

Personal message from Brendan McKay:


PS. The above statement shall in no way be taken as an admission
    that the number of angels over hell is statistically significant.

We hope you have enjoyed today's miracle.  Please drive safely.
Salaamun 'alaykum!


Brendan & Shawki

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