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Subject: Re: "365 days" hoax exposed
Date: Fri Jan 12 00:17:14 EST 1996
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Salam alaikum.  Even if the Qur'an contained 365 occurrencess
of the word "yawm" (day), that would not be a miracle.  In a
week one could compose a book with much more intricate mathematical
relationships that could take centuries to figure out.  The
Qur'an was revealed during a period of 23 years. 

It might be said that the approximate number of the days in the
solar year were unknown to Arabs.  That's questionable, considering 
their proximity to Persians, who had a solar calendar.


From (Daniel Lomax)
Newsgroups: soc.religion.islam
Subject: Re: "365 days" hoax exposed
Date: Mon Jan 15 14:30:37 EST 1996
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as-salamu 'alaykum.

Edip Yuksel ( wrote:
: Just now I saw Lomax' legthy answer which is trying to confuse the
: simple issue. I am, inshallah, going to expose his blindig prejudice,
: as I did before.

It is my sincere hope that Yuksel can do what he claims. But I fear that 
he must first cast the beam out of his own eye before he will be able to 
help me with my own defects of vision.

My answer was not "lengthy," rather it was short, in its summary, and 
lengthy only because the supporting data was appended. Yes, this issue is 
simple. How many times does the word "day" occur in the Qur'an?

The short answer is zero, because "day" is an English word. One will note 
that zero is divisible by both 19 and 365 without any remainder.

But, really, we are talking about an Arabic word. But what Arabic word?
It turns out that this is not a simple a question as the Khalifites would 
pretend. If the word is "yawm" in all its forms, the answaer is 475 
times, to the best of my knowledge, and I have made it easy to correct me 
by publishing my "lengthy" response. I actively invite and hope for 

Eliminating the non-singular forms, we still have 445. To get 365, it is 
necessary to eliminate some singular forms. An obvious candidate is 
yawma'idh, which means, literally, "the day when," and 'idh is written 
connected with yawm, so one may be able to claim, by the perverse logic 
typical of Khalifites, that this is a different word (but Khalifa 
translates it using the word "day"). This will only account for 70 
mentions; we still have 375 left. If we eliminate all forms with pronoun 
suffixes, there remain 364, or, instead, we can eliminate all forms with 
prefixes, in which case their remain 356. I haven't yet found a way to 
get 365. My guess is that either there is a missing occurrence in the 
list, in which case 364 becomes 365, or previous sources accidentally 
counted, like Yuksel, one of the yawma'idh occurrences.

: For those who wonder our previous debate with Lomax on the code 19, 
: please download a copy of "Running Like Zebras" from:

I thank Yuksel for the link. Talk about lengthy....

As for "running like zebras," I would rather run like a zebra, which is a 
honest creature meaning harm to no one, than bark like a hyena.

: Wait Lomax. The candle of falsifiers cannot misguide people against 
: the light of the truth.

Satan has power only over those who follow him. Khalifa said, a false 
messenger is a messenger of Satan. This is the warning, as always there 
is a warning, like the warning of the angels at Babylon.

With the work I did, and presuming that Yuksel had actually counted the 
words, it should be only a few minutes to make a preliminary comment on 
my paper. After all, all it talked about is a word count, and the 
differences between my count and Yuksels's count were thoroughly and 
clearly cited. I found numerous clear errors in Yuksel's count. I hope 
that he or anyone else can find any remaining errors in mine.

But, true to form, Yuksel responds, not with facts, but with bluster. 
Instead of joining with others as seekers of truth, he blames me for 
"extreme skepticism." Yuksel, repent; your repentance will open for you 
the gates of paradise and ward off from you humiliation in this life and 
the next. I do not write all this but in the hope of guidance for myself 
and for others, including you and other brothers and sisters who, like 
Dr. Khalifa, were misled by this particular fitna.
Abd ulRaHman
P.O. Box 25133
Asheville, NC 28813

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