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 : Jeeze, you've got it all wrong! You simply invert the nines, and remove the
 : one from the seven!  Voila!
 Nope, you subtract 1331 from 1997 and get 666! 1331 is an interesting
 number in its own right as it is the same backwards as forewards!  Not
 only does it shamelessly display the unlucky 13 in both directions, but
 it is also the fourth row in pascal's triangle:
                         1 1
                        1 2 1
                       1 3 3 1
                      1 4 6 4 1   and so on...
 If that isn't enough, 1331 is also 11 cubed!!!  Remember that
 the most common isotope of boron is boron-11 and that boron
 has only 3 electrons in its valence shell.  Also take into
 consideration that boron is famous for its 3 center
 bridging bonds.  The last 3 comes from the nuclear spin of boron-11,
 which is 3/2, and that is 3 times the nuclear spin of hydrogen!  Now that
 we have boron and hydrogen together, we have boranes.  Also 666 is man's
 number.  What all this means should be obvious by now:
 1997 will be the year in which humans use boranes to bring about the
 beginning of the end of the world!
 -Superdave The Wonderchemist

From Superdaves' analysis it is obvious that he works for the government

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