Acting right or fearing God?

Surah al-Imran (3:76)

Pickthall Yusufali Shakir Sher Ali Rashad Khalifa
Nay, but (the chosen of Allah is) he who fulfilleth his pledge and wardeth off (evil); for lo! Allah loveth those who ward off (evil). Nay.- Those that keep their plighted faith and act aright,-verily God loves those who act aright. Yea, whoever fulfills his promise and guards (against evil)-- then surely Allah loves those who guard (against evil). Nay, but whoso fulfills his pledge and fears ALLAH -verily, ALLAH loves those who fear Him. Indeed, those who fulfill their obligations and lead a righteous life, GOD loves the righteous.

The "Fear of God" should lead people to act right according to the commands of God, but it is certainly not the same, since there are people who uphold morality and act right without fearing God (some atheists). How do these people come to these wide ranges of translation for a sentence that doesn't look all that difficult? ... Versions of the Qur'an...

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