Even though Khalid never asked me to add his response to my page, it is now available on Adnan Khan's web site, and so I don't want to ignore his great efforts.

I think, apart from the many attacks on my intelligence or personality which have nothing to do with the content, but are seemingly necessary to give the article some flavor, it can be summarized with some quotes from Khalid's article.

At the very beginning we find him stating:

Read to the end of this message to understand how prejudice can lead someone astray even in his own field of study (Mathematics)!!

And towards the end of his article he concludes section C on usbah with the words:

Anyway what is important of the above is that we are talking about inheritance not mathimatics!!

(Verbatim quotations, including spelling and grammar, from Khalid's article at the above link, as of November 9, 1997. I expect this to be changed soon.)

Is it now an issue of mathematics or not?

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