Book Recommendations

  • The defense of Theism (versus atheism):

    Moreland, J. P., Nielsen, Kai
    Does God Exist?: The Debate Between Theists & Atheists
    Prometheus Bks. 1993, 320p., $16.95, ISBN 0-87975-823-6.

    This book is the transcript of a debate between one of the leading Christian philosophers [Moreland] and one of the leading atheist philosophers [Nielsen], which was held 1990(?)
    This seems to be the easiest to comprehend and accessible treatment you can get. And it has the great advantage that all the pro and contra arguments are presented by those who believe in them. No "misrepresenting the other side" as often in books written by just one author.

  • The defense of the CHRISTIAN view of God (against atheistic views or other religions):

    William Lane Craig
    Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics
    Crossway Books, 350p, ISBN 0-89107-764-2

    J.P. Moreland
    Scaling the Secular City
    Baker Book House, 275p, ISBN 0-8010-6222-5

    Ajith Fernando
    The Supremacy of Christ
    Crossway Books, 1995, ISBN 0-89107-855-X
    (By a theologian from Sri Lanka, especially valuable because of its cross-cultural perspective)

    Norman Geisler, Ron Brooks
    When Skeptics Ask
    Scripture Press, 1990, 348p, $23.99
    ISBN 0-89693-766-6

    R.C. Sproul, John Gerstner, Arthur Lindsley
    Classical Apologetics
    A Rational Defense of the Christian Faith and a Critique of Presuppositional Apologetics
    Zondervan, 1984, 364p, ISBN 0-310-44951-0

  • Books that give thorough biblical and historical explanations on the doctrine of the Trinity:

    Alister E. McGrath
    Understanding Jesus
    Zondervan, 1990, $14.99, ISBN 0-310-29811-3.

    Alister E. McGrath
    Understanding the Trinity
    Zondervan, 1990, 154p, $10.99, ISBN 0-310-29681-1

    Book Review on the above

    NEW now available in a one volume edition:
    Alister E.McGrath
    Studies in Doctrine
    contains the above two and also
    Understanding Doctrine & Justification by Faith

    Millard J. Erickson
    God in Three Persons
    Baker Books, 1995
    ISBN 0-8010-3229-6

    Colin E. Gunton
    The One, the Three, and the Many
    God, Creation and the Culture of Modernity
    Cambridge University Press, 1993
    ISBN 0-521-42184-5

  • Books on historical background for Christianity:

    Gary R Habermas
    Ancient Evidence for the Life of Christ
    Paperback, $13.99, Published by College Pr Pub Co, June 1996
    ISBN: 0899007325

    Norman L. Geisler & Abdul Saleeb
    Answering Islam: The Crescent in Light of the Cross.
    Baker Book House, 1993. 336p. $17.99
    ISBN 0-8010-3859-6.

    Ronald H. Nash
    The Gospel and the Greeks:
    Did the New Testament Borrow from Pagan Thought?
    Probe Books/Word Publishing, 1992, 318p., $14.99, ISBN 0-945241-09-7

    For summary articles see Was the New Testament Influenced by Pagan Philosophy? and Was the New Testament Influenced by Pagan Religions?

    Philosophers Who Believe
    The Spiritual Journeys of 11 Leading Thinkers
    edited by Kelly James Clark
    InterVarsity Press, ISBN: 0-8308-1543-0

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