167. M. Belief in the Trinity seems to us to be common to you with the Hindus, who speak of the Trimurtti, Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva.

C. These are three1 separate false gods, while we believe in the One True God2. Between belief in a Triad on the one hand, and belief in the Trinity in Unity on the other, there is the greatest possible difference. Have you ever considered how the world is divided into two parts regarding the deity of Jesus, which involves the doctrine of the Trinity?

168 M. Only Christians believe it.

C. From the Bible we learn that (1) the prophets (as, for instance, David, Isaiah, and John the Baptist) declared Christ's deity; (2) the apostles believed in it; (3) so do all Christians; and (4) so do the angels. Even the devils were compelled to confess it. Those who disbelieve are (1) the Muslims, (2) the heathen, (3) infidels. A time is coming

1 The doctrine of Triads in India, Egypt, and elsewhere may possibly be a corruption of the doctrine of the Trinity, if the latter doctrine was part of an early Revelation. At any rate, it shows that men have felt that barren Monotheism or Unitarianism is not sufficient for either reason or faith.
2 "Though the three Hindu deities referred to are philosophically conceived of as three in one, yet that One, being impersonal, and the three being the chief personal manifestations of It, there is really nothing whatever in common between this Hindu belief and the Christian doctrine of the Trinity." (Rev. Dr. Hooper.)


when all shall believe and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father (Phil. ii. 10, 11). How much better it will be for you, my brother, to confess Him who died for you, and believe in Him now, ere it is too late to be saved.