p. 23. The earliest extant musnad is that of Abu Daud Sulaiman al-Tayalisi (133203). His authorities were Al-Thauri, Shu'ba, Hisham and others. It is recorded by one of his contemporaries, Muhammad b. Minhal al-Darir, that he proved him guilty of falsely propagating traditions in the name of Ibn Aun. Al-Tayalisi's most celebrated pupil was Ahmad b. Hanbal. This note is based on al-Sam'ani, Kitabu-l-Ansab, (Gibb facsimile) 1913, p. 374 nit., and I owe the reference to Dr. Nicholson.

p. 68, 1. 17. "spread their wings over 'tada'u ajnihataha li-talibi-l-'ilm", see Nihaya, vol. 1, p. 182, under janah. I prefer this, the last of many explanations offered by the commentators. An abridged form of this hadith will be found on p. 4 of Derenbourg's edition of Al-Fakhri. M. Amar (Histoire des dynasties musulmanes, Paris, 1910, p. 3) renders: 'the angels lower their wings to carry the seeker after knowledge'; this, I suppose, is implied by Ibnu-l-Athir when he explains: 'wita'an lahu idha masha.'

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