'aziz. Precious. An authentic tradition coming from two Companions.

da'if. Not fulfilling the required conditions.

fard. See gharib.

gharib. Authentic, but resting on the authority of only one Companion.

hasan. Of fair authority; with a slight fault.

ijmali. Referring to many things.

mahfuz. One of two suspicious traditions which has a slight advantage over its rival.

manqul. Handed down by tradition.

mansukh. Abrogated.

maqbul. Received generally; fulfilling all conditions.

maqlub. Known to have come from a person other than the soi-disant reporter.

maqtu'. An isnad which is interrupted or cut off.

mardud. A tradition from a doubtful source which contradicts a tradition of good standing.

marfu'. Record of a word or deed of the prophet reported by the Companion who heard or saw it.

ma'ruf. Weak, yet known because it is confirmed by another.

mashhur. A tradition vouched for by more than two Companions.

maudu'. False.

mauquf. An isnad going back to the Companions, but stopping short of the prophet.

mu'allal. An isnad or text with a hidden fault.

mu'allaq. Suspended i. e. without the name of the Companion.

mubham. Coming from one of whom one knows nothing but the name.

mu'dal. An isnad from which a name has disappeared.

mudallas. A tradition falsely ascribed to an early authority.

mudraj. A gloss or observation inserted by one of the first reporters of the tradition.

mudtarab. A tradition in which a word has become misplaced, added, or suppressed, or suffered any kind of derangement.

mukhtalif. Two traditions which are in apparent contradiction, but which can be reconciled.

munkar. A tradition of weak authority contradicted by a weaker one.

munqala'. An isnad from which a name has disappeared.

mursal. A text without isnad, or one with an incomplete isnad, or without the name of the Follower.

musahhaf. An isnad in which a name is badly written; or, a text in which a word is badly written.

musalsal. With a chain of authorities reaching back to the prophet.

mushkal. Of doubtful authority.

musnad. A tradition whose isnad goes back to the prophet. A collection of such supported traditions.

mustaf'id. See mashhir.

mutabi. A tradition similar in import to another one going back to the same authority.

mutawatir. Reported by numerous authorities.

mutqin. Accurate reporter.

muttafaq 'alaihi. Received by Bukhari and Muslim.

muttasal. A tradition with an uninterrupted isnad.

nasikh. Abrogating.

rawi. One who reports a tradition.

sahih. Genuine; fulfilling all conditions.

shadhdh. Exceptional. A tradition of good authority yet in conflict with another similarly attested.

shahid. A tradition from a Companion bearing witness to or confirming one from another Companion.

tariq. The route, or reporters, by which the tradition has come.

thiqa. Trustworthy reporter.

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